Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life -

I will ensure it is also one of the most beautiful, relaxed 

and heart felt moments you,

your families, and your friends

have ever witnessed.

Firstly... Congratulations!


It's an exciting time planning a wedding (and a little stressful),

but thinking about what to do in your ceremony can be just as fun.

I'm here to help you create a ceremony that reflects the two of you,

something individual, something you will enjoy.
The bonus with a civil ceremony is that you have more creative control, 

you can do all the crazy stuff you've seen on YouTube,

incorporate significant cultures or keep it traditional.

I have created so many ceremonies of all shapes and sizes,

themes and emotions - there are so many possibilities.

With my help and lots of information and resources, 

together we can create the ceremony you are after.


What I Can Do For You

~ Supply extensive resources to assist you with your preparation* 
              *(Free - Ceremony Booklet given with examples of vows,

                          symbolic acts, poems, plus much more!)
~ Unlimited meetings, phone and email contact to prepare for the ceremony
~ Offer an on site rehearsal
~ A personalised ceremony, written just for you
~ A copy of the ceremony beautifully presented
~ A printed wedding certificate
~ Prepare all legal documents in accordance to the law
~ The supply and use of a PA system, with wireless mics (Free - where needed).​



Same Sex Weddings


Love is Love.

It would be my absolute honour to officiate any same sex wedding and be a part of any ceremony that celebrates two people who are in love and ready for the commitment of marriage.


Registry Style Ceremony

If you want just a "short and sweet" ceremony, satisfying the legal requirements of getting married but without all the people and effort, I can perform a short 5-10 minute service at your home or a park or anywhere, any day of the week.






I also assist in Prospective Marriage Visas

Christine Castle Marriage Celebrant - Dingley Village, Victoria, Australia